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Production Company

Production units include :

  • Fiberglass units
  • Rubber unit
  • The Machine

Featured Product

The first and largest manufacturer of polymer concrete cells and electrolysisAlktrvynyng in Iran


The company was founded in 1997 and began designing and manufacturing itsfiberglass parts.


Kardanan shayeste Company over 15 years experience and gain the confidence of managers in most factories and copper acting on the various projects. An example of these measures is as follows:




  • Optimization of the electrolysis cell aging
  • Approved plans for technical cooperation with Canadian company
  • Obtaining quality certification from Copper sarcheshme & National Iranian  Copper
  • Preparedness projects in all parts of the country
  • From the technical team and experienced staff
  • Laboratory analysis units
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    Kardanan Shayeste Company in 2007 as the top producers in the province's manufacturing sector, was honored to receive the statue.

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    • Received technical approval from company:
    • National Iranian Copper
    •  Copper Sarcheshmeh  Company


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Factory locations

Office : iran zanjan shahrak karmandan bolvar mahdavi phase 2  Piece 20  Tower KIAN , stage 3 unit 5

Tel : 0241-4266102

 Factory : zanjan Road ali abad ,  Industrial  No. 1 phase 1 ,  St mordad , St tir1  Piece 283

Tel : 0241-2221058-9

Mobile :09121416396 mohammadreza mohammadi

Email :  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  


Sample of Customers

Zinc industry:

Melli Sorb & Roy iran


Faravary dandi

Zinc bandarabbas

Zob & Roye Esfahan

Roy Godaz

Parham Roy

Sazand Roy

Copper industry :

mess meidok

mess babak iranian

zobe mess khatoon

mess tarom

Aftab derakhshan

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